mix travertine french pattern tumbled
mix travertine french pattern set
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Classic Mix Travertine| Tumbled |French Pattern |Set 1,2 cm – Commercial Grade

A: 8″x8″20.3×20.3×1.2 cm, 4 pcs
B: 8″x16″20.3×40.6×1.2 cm, 2 pcs
C: 16″x16″40.6×40.6×1.2 cm, 4 pcs
D: 16″x24″40.6x61x1.2 cm,  4 pcs

Total : 1.48 m2

Mix Travertine Tumbled French Pattern Set 1,2 cm cm from Turkey is a high variation of beige,cream, wallnut, noche travertine that adds warmth and depth to any interior project like bathrooms, kitchens and foyers as well as outdoor projects like pool patios and house gardens. This durable travertine mix tumbled french pattern set tiles are available in a wide variety of tile sizes, slabs and mosaic patterns for the highest coordination possible in design projects.

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Mix Travertine is a beautifully coloured and elegant selected travertine with soft creamy swirls. Beautiful for formal or informal living, equally at home in dry and wet areas and very tactile. Travertine is a dense stone with a naturally pitted surface nature that may be filled or left open for a more rustic appearance.The material comes from the Denizli Turkey and has been used for centuries for floors, walls and many buildings. The structure is extremely dense and hard wearing and can also be used for kitchen bench tops and bathrooms.

Classic Mix Travertine Tumbled is our one of our bestseller material. Consistent homogeninus selection. Commercial grade, big size holes and holes trespass to back of the tiles should be expected.

Mazzmar Stone’s capacity of supply for this material is 5.000 m2 per month for only Classic Light, Ivory colour. We are currently exporting Classic Travertine Tumbled pavers from Turkey to USA, France,Germany, Belgium, Australia and Romania regularly.

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