About Mazzmar

MAZZMAR STONE is established as an international stone marketing company of Yakabag Marble Group in Denizli where the world’s richest travertine reserves are found. The name MAZZMAR name comes from the second syylables of surnames of two partners of Caymaz and Yılmaz which means “a person who never concedes his promises” and “a person who never give up” which would resume the philosophy of the company.The second Z after –maz sylabble defines the partnership of two –MAZ person: MAZ2

MAZZMAR STONE is adding higher value to the living spaces in 5 continents around the world with the initial enthusiasm and excitement still like the first day of establish, by processing the wide range of rich color and texture of marble and travertine blocks in our factory and the other factories around Turkey.

Adopting an honest, reliable service approach which they see as a key of success, MAZZMAR STONE is one of the leading exporting companies in the Turkish marble sector company its sythesising innovations of the era with the beauty of the centuries-old formation.

Our mission, vision and core values are resumed by 3 words :


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